Bite Problems & Headache (TMJ)

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Bite Problems & Headache (TMJ)

Over 29 million Americans suffer from migraines. The NTI-tss is indicated for migraine prevention. It is a small nightguard that comfortably fits over your four front teeth. Its patented design keeps your canine and back teeth apart. This separation minimizes the intensity of your nighttime clenching forces.

To demonstrate how the NTI-tss works, touch the muscles of the temples while biting down on a pencil with the back teeth as hard as possible. The temporal muscles will bulge and intensely contract. Now bite down on a pencil with only the front teeth. Those same temporal muscles remain relaxed. This diminished clenching intensity prevents a hyperactive nerve response, and thus, prevents migraines.

The NTI-tss therapeutic protocol was developed by a California dentist, James Boyd, DDS. Having suffered chronic, daily headaches and frequent migraine attacks for 12 years, Dr. Boyd developed the protocol to rid him of pain. He is now an associate with The Headache Center Neurology clinic in Encinitas, CA.

NTI-tss Plus™ FAQ

Simple solution
The NTI-tss Plus™ is indicated for the prevention of migraine headaches. In a clinical trial, 82% of NTI-tss users experienced a 77% reduction in migraine events…with no medical side effects.
How does it work?
During sleep, everyone clenches their teeth. For many, clenching and grinding causes migraine or tension-type headaches. The NTI-tss Plus™ reduces clenching by not allowing the canine or back teeth to touch. This diminishes muscle contractions in the head and face. Intense muscle activity can cause headaches and migraines.

To demonstrate how the NTI-tss works, simply touch the muscles of your temples while biting down on a pencil with the back teeth as hard as possible. The temporal muscles will bulge and intensely contract. When you bite down on a pencil, with only the front teeth, the temporal muscles remain relaxed.

What is it?
A small, clear nightguard that only covers your four front teeth. Due to its small size, it is comfortable to wear while you sleep. The NTI-tss Plus™ is custom fabricated to be worn on either your upper or lower teeth. It is made using a safe, non-toxic thermoplastic and does not contain Bisphenol A.
How do I get the NTI-tss Plus™?
Schedule an appointment here or call us at 513.583.6980. The NTI-tss Plus is only available from a licensed dentist. We can locate a dental provider in your area that offers the NTI-tss Plus™.
Will my insurance cover this?
Some insurance plans will. Consult your dental and medical insurance companies for details on coverage.

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